Squarelovin is an alternative to Iconosquare

Squarelovin is an alternative to Iconosquare

Looking for an alternative to Instagram to view on Instagram and the Iconosquare statistics tool. Iconosquare, which established itself as a “statigram” among all productivity-oriented Instagram users a few years ago, should have been a story from yesterday. After a major restart, it became completely unusable for regular Instagram users. The redesign not only gives me a headache, but all the important features are now paid, and the prices are high.

Producers have to make money, of course, this is understandable. Unfortunately, in my opinion, they chose a rather radical way: if you still want to use the tool, you have to spend at least $ 200 a month (!). The absolute basic use – looking at subscriber numbers or more specifically looking for Instagramers – remains free. But if you want a few more features that will only show some of the stats that were previously free, $ 199 a month should be in the cheapest model, and $ 799 the most expensive. Each year, that’s $ 8,789 or $ 9,588 for brands or Instagramers with over 1 million followers in the reflex version! Yes, who pays for something like that?

Iconosquare obviously wants to catch brands as paying customers. In the most expensive model, you can regularly run Instagram contests to get followers or use photos tagged and uploaded for them. These problems can be integrated through the Facebook app, for example. Already in the days of statigrams, there was such a possibility – even if it was hidden – you had to ask for a price, and the implementation seemed a little crumpled.

But a regular Instagrammer who had been watching his channel through Iconsquare for years commented on it and loved looking at the stats because it looked so amazing, Iconosquare would be lost. Once I was looking for old statistic snapshots in my poison drawer.

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