Smartphone does not hold charge: what to do?

Smartphone does not hold charge: what to do?

A standard modern smartphone keeps a charge on average during the day. If you use the gadget to the maximum – play games, watch videos and communicate on social networks, then you will need to recharge a couple of times a day. But why some mobile phones do not hold a charge even at minimal load and sit down in just a couple of hours? In this article, we will figure out why this is happening and how to deal with it.

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Some technical information: the battery capacity of a smartphone is measured in milliampere-hours. Many devices have batteries ranging from 2500 to 6000+ mAh. Such a battery should be enough for a day of continuous operation of the smartphone. However, in addition to this volume, other factors also affect the discharge rate of the smartphone: the brightness and diagonal of the screen, the work of applications in the background, connected connections (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.), the use of gadgets, etc. In addition, if the smartphone has been in operation for one year or more, then the battery gradually begins to deplete its own resource and sits down faster. That is why the owners of “old” phones suffer from fast discharge more often than the owners of new phones. 

So, you began to notice that the smartphone sits down at night, during inactivity or at minimal load. What you can do to reduce your smartphone’s energy consumption: 

Reduce display brightness: operating your smartphone in maximum brightness mode consumes battery power noticeably. An additional plus – the eyes will not be so tired, the load on them will decrease.

Look in the settings which applications are running in the background. Remove unused apps and limit background activity for underused apps. Additional advice: if you are actively using navigator maps, check “Allow geolocation / geolocation only when using”. Otherwise, the cards will “pull” the entire resource of your smartphone for their work.
Disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not using these connections. 
Turn on “Airplane mode” if you are out of town or on a long trip, so the smartphone will not search for the network and, accordingly, will not waste its charge. 

Get an external battery. Many people neglect this device or do not know about its existence, but “portable charging” will save you from the problem of constantly searching for an available outlet. Better to take a battery from 8000 mAh, it will be enough for 2-3 full charges of the phone.  

If such methods of saving the charge no longer help, you can only advise one thing – replace the smartphone battery at a service center. A standard battery is designed for about 1000 charge cycles, therefore, within a year and a half after the start of operation, its resource will be exhausted. To keep using your smartphone to its fullest and not be dependent on charging, simply replace the battery. The ServiceRating website will help with choosing a trusted service center – a complete catalog of service centers in your city, with reviews and ratings from real users.

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Just select your city from the menu above, mark the brand of your smartphone and find the most suitable repair shop option on the map. By the way, if the smartphone is less than a year old, but the problems with the battery have already begun, we recommend that you first diagnose the phone so that the wizard can determine what exactly is the matter: the worn out battery is to blame, the power connector is broken, or the charging cable is faulty.

 And one more important point: timely update of the phone. Unfortunately, if the phone is five or more years old, it may simply not support modern applications, which makes it load heavily and sits down faster. If the conditional five years ago, the smartphone had enough 32 GB of internal memory for optimal operation, today this amount will be sorely lacking – the smartphone will overheat in an attempt to process large amounts of data, which is why the battery is consumed faster. Do not demand impossible performance from an old smartphone, but rather update the gadget in a timely manner for stable operation.

And finally, we will give some recommendations on how to extend the life of a new battery:

The battery is afraid of extreme high or low temperatures. It is better not to use your smartphone in extreme frost or heat.
Do not leave your smartphone in direct sunlight, avoid overheating.
Do not keep the phone on charging more than it should be: as soon as the charge reaches 100%, remove the device from the wire. Leaving your phone charged overnight is extremely harmful.
Protect your gadget from voltage surges, they also wear out the batteries and lead to breakdowns.
Some experts recommend using only the original charging cord and charging only from an outlet (and not from a computer, for example). However, there is no evidence of the effectiveness of this method, use at your own will ..
 Treat your smartphone with care and it will serve you as long as possible. 

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