RWBY Review: Grim Eclipse

RWBY Review: Grim Eclipse

Meet the sequel to the popular RWBY series (pronounced “Ruby”). At the moment, RWBY: Grim Eclipse, originally a fanfiction to the legendary American anime series from Rooster Teeth’s and evolving into an independent line of games, is in Early Access on Steam, which will last approximately 8-10 months. The heroines of the game are trained here for the role of professional Huntresses for supernatural creatures called Grim, have unique skills and weapons, fueled by a special substance – dust, must learn the basics of teamwork and maximize their own skills in order to enter the difficult task of fighting evil along with others Grimm commands segera daftar situs slot online terpercaya selain mudah menang anda bisa meraup keuntungan melalui bonus jackpot slot terbesar.

RWBY: Grim Eclipse is a co-op indie hack-n-slash action RPG with RPG elements in which four players will have to try on the roles of the main characters of the famous anime in real time: Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee , Blake Belladonna and Yang Xiao Long. Each of the heroines will have their own unique tree of development and skills in the style of on-lan arenas. The difficulty level is adjusted “on the fly” depending on the number of gamers currently in the game. Completing numerous story quests includes completing many different tasks, such as clearing the area, protecting the territory from waves of enemies, generating defenses, escorting other characters while they perform a specific mission.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of RWBY: Grim Eclipse is that we will meet, both with those already familiar from the original series, and new storylines, locations, enemies and hordes of villains Grim, which will give us the opportunity to look and get to know such an attractive and the colorful world of Ramnant.

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The game is based on dynamic battles with evil, not letting us get bored even for a minute, colorful combo attacks, a variety of teamwork, and in the hands of your heroines you will have absolutely non-typical weapons of frightening sizes, as well as many side quests and missions. In the future, the game is planned to be released on several platforms, but at the moment it is only available for PC.

In conclusion, I would like to say that, despite the death from an allergic reaction in early February 2015, Monty Ouma, the ideological inspirer and creator of the famous show from Rooster, his ideas were embodied in an unusually successful project, which is confirmed by numerous positive user reviews. Since RWBY: Grim Eclipse is still in early access, everyone, including you personally, can have a hand in creating and improving a truly unique world, the developers vow to take into account all the most constructive wishes.