Minecraft: Story Mode

Minecraft: Story Mode

Minecraft: Story Mode, like other Telltale Games, works like a series. Here in the first season, we get five episodes, four of which are currently in the air. The title is kind of a byproduct of the original, if you can use the term to refer to an open universe without the previously described plot.

This is why we won’t meet Steve, the protagonist of the original we know, here, but Jesse. The creators did not randomly choose a name that does not indicate gender, because before starting the adventure, we choose one of six available silhouettes – three women and three men.

Jesse is a regular guy who looks more like a construction worker. This could be due to a bad sense of humor, clumsiness, or that his best buddy is Ruben’s Pig. Our hero is a fan of the Order of the Stone – a group of heroes who once saved the world from an evil dragon.

The first episode of Minecraft: Story Mode is a well-implemented prelude to the story, which in several scenes reveals everything we need to be in the reality of this unusual, cubic world. The adventure begins at the tree house where we meet Jesse’s friends. After meeting them, we go to a design competition to create a sculpture of impressive size.

During the competition, through the mischief of our friends, one of our hero’s friends disappears and goes in search of him. During the search, darkness falls and the struggle for survival begins, during which Jesse is drawn into an intrigue that will soon threaten the whole world. In the next episodes, we will be looking for other legendary heroes who will help us in the fight against evil.

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I must admit that after completing five episodes of Minecraft: Story Mode – I’m really surprised at how Telltale Games is doing. Unfortunately, not very good. Looking at the level presented by their previous productions, I was hoping for so much more.

In this mode, the storyline is simple, there is no identification with the main character, there is no play on emotions or even attachment to a companion. After all, we will not build the same bond with the pig as we did with the innocent girl named Clementine from The Walking Dead.

You know, Voxel or Enderman zombies can create a sense of danger in children, and the disappearance of piglets can cause anxiety. But I didn’t feel it. In addition, the creators focused so much on creating the plot that they forgot about the game.

One episode of Story Mode takes about two hours, which gives us ten hours for five episodes per season. It’s not much of an adventure. Especially when 80% of the episode is a functional scene, interspersed with QTE sequences from time to time.

Not enough space with four highlighted points that we can click on, an enemy coming towards us that can be hit in time, and one or two puzzles in each episode. Very little. Minecraft’s Conversational System: Story Mode didn’t make me feel positive either. Okay, a nice word deserves to say that our choices affect the way we go – different places, different tasks. But, unfortunately, this does not affect the story at all.

In addition, I had neither sympathy for a beloved friend, nor hatred for even an unwanted companion, as I did in other Telltale adventures. However, before hearing the accusation “first he complains that he doesn’t feel Telltail’s hand here, and then he complains about a typical game,” I bounce the ball. While QTE is still QTE, in other names, however, we believe that you should click on the said button in order not to die. In real minecraft, this is not the case, butplay online game minecraftmuch more interesting. I advise you to visit Mainkraft.Online – play minecraft without downloading.

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