How to make money on skins in CS: GO

How to make money on skins in CS: GO

Counter Strike is a game that has been at its peak of popularity for many years. Fans of the shooter have the opportunity not only to have fun, but also to make money selling cases. To get a box for Steam inventory, you need to increase the level or rank in the game. After that, you need to buy a key for the dropped case and open the box. The resulting skin can be sold on the trading platform, or you can keep it for yourself. There are sites, for example, MAY CS GO , which simplify the procedure for opening a box – you do not have to look for a key for a case. But to get the long-awaited skin, you need to accept a trade from a bot or from a seller. How skins can be implemented

If you have a lot of unnecessary but valuable skins or cases in your arsenal, you can make money on them. There are several ways:Look for a player who will agree to buy things from you or exchange them for something else. True, this can take quite a long time.

Find a group of players on social media, it will be faster.

Sell ​​on one of the dedicated marketplaces by logging into your Steam account. This is the safest way to make money.And one more thing: the most expensive cases are the ones that just came out. But the price for them drops very quickly, so it’s better not to hesitate with the sale.There are also rare boxes, the cost of which, on the contrary, grows over time. Such boxes can be held in order to sell them at a higher price. Here are some of them: StatTrak “Crimson Web” bayonet (its price starts from 22 thousand rubles), AK-47 | “Empress” (from 7 thousand rubles), AWP “Meduza” (about 100 thousand rubles).

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