Download Minecraft and Xbox Live

Download Minecraft and Xbox Live

Install Minecraft and for free right now: and play the mountain update on your android device.

Download Minecraft and Xbox Live
Biome changes in Minecraft and

The most recent version of Minecraft PE will have an emphasis on biome development. One or more biomes should be expected to change. Now there is information that the processing will affect two biomes.

Mountain biome

There will be new additions to the mountain system. The mountains will become higher and the slopes will be steep. The composition of the blocks will change. The set will now contain diorite, gravel, cobblestones and a few more blocks. The updated version will have a new object – a goat.

Download Minecraft and Xbox Live
During a high jump, it can reach 2 blocks. Also, the mob has protection against falling from a height. It can be milked and the milk can be used to make cheese. The cheese product will be in the form of a block, players will be able to place it. The mob can be propagated thanks to wheat. After killing the goat mob, you can pick up the horns, from which the jumping ability potion is made.

Another innovation is snow. He will be able to close the steps and half-blocks. A new sound will appear when walking in the snow. Now it will be possible to fall into snowdrifts of large volumes. This will increase the variety of traps. The snow layers will become higher.

Desert Mesa

The changes will appear in the Tumbleweed plant. Also upgrade the vulture mob. He will now be able to attack and pick up the loot that has fallen.

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Mangroves will appear. The roots of these trees will penetrate deep into the ground. The new mob will be a frog. When moving through the swamp, it will be possible to take a boat with a special chest, into which it is convenient to put items during travel.

Upgrading dungeons

Probably, new mobs, crystals and other items will be added to the dungeon.


The new ore will be of several types and colors The exact destination is still unknown. You can find it in underground balls: in mines, caves.


Most likely, these animals will be added in Minecraft versions and Chinchillas will live in earthen holes. Players will be able to find them not only underground, but also on the surface.

Download Minecraft and Xbox Live
Given the speed at which new additions are added, there is a chance players will never see the animals.


Perhaps such creatures will also appear in the update. There is information that, unlike chinchillas, they will be quite aggressive.

Download Minecraft and Xbox Live
They will be responsible for the protection of the caves. Accordingly, they can only be found underground.

According to the official website of Minecraft PE: