Computer games genres

Computer games genres

There are a large number of computer games that are designed for both children and adults. You can buy them without leaving home: just buy keys for Steam in a specialized store. Only now it is difficult to choose an interesting project and it is better to be guided by genres. For example, simulators are imitation of some life situations: driving a vehicle, sports activities, etc.

Most popular genres

    • Shooters. A feature of these games is a large number of battles. Main goal: destroy all enemies. The game can consist of different levels or matches. In the second case, the duration of the battle is limited in time. The scene of action can be a real or a fantasy world, space.
    • Quests. They are distinguished by an interactive story and a large number of puzzles. The player gradually explores the world and learns the details of the plot. Quests have many subgenres, for example, in the text, the emphasis is on reading messages, based on which the player chooses a solution. In graphic projects, the visual component is important.
    • Puzzles. Games in this genre are distinguished by solving logical problems, and this will require intuition and strategic thinking. This can be both an adaptation of board games – Rubik’s cube, chess, crosswords and others, and completely new projects, for example, an object search.

Often several genres are combined in one game. For example, adventure is combined with quests, and simulator is combined with survival in difficult conditions. It is also important to consider the age rating. So, if you don’t want to watch violence, then you shouldn’t choose 18+ projects.

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